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Kemp, The Whole in the razze cani taglia media e piccola Parts and the Parts in the Whole: Leonardo and the Unity of Knowledge, in Leonardo da Vinci, : The Design of the World,.
Leonardo3 Museum, the World of Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, Italy.Brockwell,., Abridged Catalogue of the Pictures at Doughty House Richmond Surrey in the Collection of Sir Herbert Cook, Bart., London, 1932,.The panel had been thinned, flattened, and glued to another backing, perhaps as early as the 17th century, and attempts had been made to disguise the old repairs with areas of crude overpaint.These included Carmen Bambach of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, David Allan Brown (Curator of Italian Painting, National Gallery of Art, Washington,.C.Pollux contour spotlights are designed for precise adjustment of the beam to suit the format of a painting.A more extensive and detailed discussion of the conservation process that was undertaken to return the Salvator Mundi to its present glory appears elsewhere in this volume, but it is worth noting the many changes, large and small, that Leonardo made in the process.The picture then disappeared until 1900 whenits authorship by Leonardo, origins and illustrious royal history entirely forgottenit was acquired from Sir Charles Robinson as a work by Leonardos follower, Bernardino Luini, for the Cook Collection, Doughty House, Richmond.Dissertation, Pennsylvania State University, 1982,.Carlo Pedretti (1973) first posited the Ganay panel as the finest known version of Leonardos composition, without asserting that it was actually painted by Leonardo himself.The newly rediscovered masterpiece, dating from around 1500, depicts a half-length figure of Christ as Savior of the World, facing frontally, holding a crystal orb in his left hand as he raises his right in benediction.Kemp, Sight and Salvation, Nature, cdlxxix, 11 November 2011,.