great secrets da vinci code game

Taking part in this catching adventure you go through the days of Leonardo da Vinci, and get a chance to thumb his diary!
Explore his diary and solve the mystery contained in its pages!
It made me think that this was probably one of the first ever HO games ever made, and if not then my goodness!
Remember, that you should solve the riddle of an eye-teaser during a certain limit of time.Bear in mind that you shouldn't blindly click you mouse on the objects.Date published:, rated expedia hotel coupon 10 off 1 out of 5 by jacqueline1812 from Refund Button Please.The so called objects are almost impossible to find.Again, stops cold and onto the next person.Also the music is enough to put anyone to sleep.Granted each time you revisit the scene it's a different type of puzzle, the first is a typical listed item find, the second time you have to find 10 birds or 10 apples, the third time is a "spot the difference" puzzle where you find.I originally bought this game several years ago when I was first starting out on HO type games.Sign Up or Log.Shockwave is the ultimate destination to play games.Then, a mini game of "match the cards".As you complete each level, you get to read a diary page.My Tracking, let me know when new content is added for this game.Shockwave has games in great categories like.This game was too boring to even finish the demo.