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Judas in with the rest of the disciples.
From December 5th, 2017 to March 18th, 2018 more details, the Uffizi Galleries and the environment.
In paintings by other artists, Judas was often found separated from the group, making his solitario taglio baguette role of the deceiver obvious.This does not mean you are out of luck.Online booking The Last Supper Tickets.The dining hall that Leonardo was to decorate with his painting was located in the building adjacent to the church.Leonardo's inclusion of Judas with the other disciples is part of what makes the painting such a masterpiece, as his inclusion in the group forces the audience to scan the painting and each character in it, and it strengthens the notion that each of disciples.Unlike the other paintings that had been made of The Last Supper, Leonardo chose to sit.Although the painting (called L'ultima cena, or, Il Cenacolo in Italian) itself is instantly recognizable, many people may not know that its location is quite simple, small, and unassuming.Keep in mind they may charge various service fees and prices.His 12 disciples, whom Leonardo has cleverly divided into groups of 3, surround Christ, figured in the center of the painting.During wwii a bomb greatly damaged the refectory.Pinacoteca di Brera, buy tickets for the Pinacoteca di Brera.
The painting, which measures 15 x 29, is a mural, not a fresco, as it was painted on a dry wall and not on wet plaster.

The painting, which had been covered with panels and sandbags in a preemptive measure, survived, although it did incur further damage.